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Liposomal CBD Oils

Liposomal CBD Oils offer improved potency and a quicker onset of effects. Using the same high-quality, full-spectrum CBD as traditional CBD oils, Liposomal CBD Oils are up to four times more effective due to the presence of liposomes. If you need a fast response and lasting relief, choose Liposomal CBD Oils for a supercharged CBD experience. Liposomal CBD Oils are available in a range of strengths to suit your needs.

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Liposomal CBD Oil 2.5%

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Expertly formulated, Liposomal CBD Oil 2.5% from Cibdol combines the potential of CBD with highly effective liposomes. Acting as protective bubbles, liposomes shield CBD as it travels through the body. The result is vastly improved effectiveness (up to 4 times) and quicker onset of effects. Available now in a 10ml bottle with a convenient dropper.

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Liposomal CBD Oil 4%

Price €69.00

The unique formula of Liposomal CBD Oil 4% from Cibdol enhances the effectiveness of CBD by up to four times. Using state-of-the-art techniques, we have seamlessly combined the protective nature of liposomes with our full-spectrum CBD formula. Enjoy increased potency and absorption. Available in a 10ml bottle with a convenient dropper.

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